Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Publish or ePublish?

I have a mitten pattern that's currently being tested and it's going great. It actually feels more like a KAL than a test which I really like. The testing is nearing completion and now I have a question... the WAY I should release the pattern.

Only thing, is I have another motif charted for these mitts. Should I test the motif in a separate test and publish two different patterns, or merge the patterns?

There is also a matching double knitted snowboarder hat boasting these two motifs. My thought is maybe publish two hat and mitten sets.

My real wish is to hang on to these patterns, then release them as a downloadable ebook. I would LOVE to have these for sale both on my site (if it ever gets up and running) and possibly Amazon. I would have to research that possibility to find out what's involved.

My rav & yahoo friend Kelly Klem is a published designer working on publishing her first hard cover book. I'm so happy for her and I know she'll do very well, she's a talented designer! But for me... I know there's a lot of information out there but also a lot of costs involved depending on how you choose to publish. That's one reason I don't think my first 'book' will be hardcover.

How about selling my patterns from this 'Legend Series' as a book for Kindle users? Now that idea I'm really interested in!

There's a lot of research to do. I can do that as I add to the 'Legend Series' patterns, work on layout, editing, testing, cover design, sample production and the photoshoots. I'm sure I missed something lol.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Lose weight?...nope

try to be nice?... nope, I'm already nice he he

cut down on coffee?... not a chance

I don't usually make resolutions, but I do like to set goals for myself and take on new challenges.
For this year, I want to achieve three things.

First thing, will be to hone my spinning skills and I have a couple of wool fleeces here to do that with – yah!

Next thing, is to get my website up and running. I have the domain, but nothing's on it yet L It'll be an exercise in motivation learning what all is involved with that too.

Lastly, I want to do a whole lot more designing. I've only been releasing one pattern every two months... I want to try to double that this year. Actually, I also released a free pattern called Radial Heat Cowl! So, I did a little better than one every two months. I hope I'm not jinxing myself by setting that goal, and I want to do my best to not let myself down.

I have a couple of designs waiting to be written into proper format, then the testing has to be done. The editing and testing take quite a bit of time. My current design is being tested by a lovely group of ladies and I can't wait to see their results!

In 2010 designs released were the Voyageur hat, Whispering Wings, then Lush Lace Stole. The lush hat followed that, then the Chele Lace Hat & Scarf set. The last one was the Spirit Mobius... and let's not forget the cowl.