Free Cowl Pattern

Radial Heat Cowl
by Carol Young

This is a one-piece grafted (or seamed) construction that's knitted flat lengthwise. The sideways rib makes it wonderfully stretchy and adds some cushiness.

You can wear this cowl pulled up over your head as pictured, bunched up around your neck, or fold in half lengthwise for a double-thick radial ring of warmth. Pull up the front to protect your lower face from that cold wind!
Needles size 6mm/10us
Straight or circular needles may be used.
Yarn needle for grafting and to weave in ends
For provisional cast on:
Crochet hook 6mm/J
Waste yarn

Yarn: Sirdar Blur; 70% acrylic, 30% kid mohair
colour #0712 ivory ; worsted weight
1 skeins: 50g - 190m/205yd each or
31g - 120m/130yd for this project

Stitch Nation Alpaca Love by Debbie Stoller
colour #3620 Fern; worsted weight
1 skein: 85g - 121m/132yd

*Note: This cowl is knitted using one strand of each yarn held together throughout.
Alternative yarns: Chunky weight - 1 strand

Difficulty Level:  Easy
* kitchener stitch grafting
* provisional cast on
Note: Optionally this cowl can be casted on with a stretchy cast on, bound off then seamed.


Knit in one piece lengthwise, then kitchener stitched (instructions provided)


12sts/ 14rows = 4"/10cm ; 6mm/10us
Finished Approximate Size:

9 ½"x 21" ; 24cm x 53cm (unstretched)


k knit
p purl
s slip purlwise with yarn in back
sts stitches


Cast on 42 sts (if you will be seaming the join)
Provisional Cast on: (if you will be grafting the join)
With waste yarn, chain 45 or so. Cut yarn and loosely knot.
Turn chain over to the back and pick up 42 sts through the center bumps of the chains using main yarn.

Every row: s1, *k2, p2* p1

Repeat until work measures 20"


To finish, transfer the provisionally casted on stitches from the waste yarn to a needle. Do this by undoing the loosely tied knot and gently pulling on the end to release one stitch at a time.
Kitchener stitch the cowl ends together forming a loop. Option: blanket stitch the seam.
Weave in ends.

How to do the Kitchener Stitch:

Cut yarn leaving a long tail for grafting with. Thread this into a tapestry or yarn needle. Please take note that when you graft allow PLENTY of yarn. I used a length just over 4 times the width of the cowl to do the graft. If you find you cut it too short and need more, I strongly recommend adding more length using the 'Russian Join' technique. There are videos on how to do this technique on youtube.

With both needles held in left hand, and wrong sides together (right side facing out), run tapestry needle through 1st stitch of front needle as if to purl and leave it on the needle (P front/on). Then thread through the 1st stitch of the back needle as if to knit, and leave it on the needle. (K back/on) You're now set up to follow the grafting sequence, repeat until 1 stitch remains on each needle :

                 Knits                            Purls

Repeat:   K front/off                    P front/off

              P front/on                    K front/on

              P back/off                   K back/off

              K back/on                   P back/on

Last 2 stitches:   K front/off ;  P back/off
* /on = leave stitch on the needle ; /off = take stitch off needle

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