Testing in Progress (no current tests underway)

No Current Tests Underway

Rising Eagle (Mo:qw) Double Knit Mittens
with optional palm flap - TESTING COMPLETE

Testing by 3 lovely ravelry ladies:
villiputti ; notjustar0w; and nautiknitter (all ravelry names)
Commencing Jan 18, 2011until whenever

So far this test has been fun and I know that we all have learned a few things from this test too which is fantastic.  I love learning new things, and trying out new challenges.

The pattern is almost ready - minus the photo shoot - and it's blossomed into what I believe is an easy to read, concise and complete pattern.  With the ladies help, 'how-to' desciptions are easier to understand, and leave less to the knitter's intuition without stomping it out.

For example:  the bind off for the palm flaps were developed by me specifically for this design, to make the mittens truly reversible.  So nowhere does there exist an explanation or video in this method, so my 'how-to' section had to be comprehensive.

We experimented with gusset increases and discussed the impact each option has on the inner layer of the double knitting.  We seem to have settled on a simple backwards loop cast on!  It only leaves tiny holes hardly noticeable, looks pretty close on either side of the gusset and on  the inner layer gusset too.  Backwards loop is also less fiddly when you're trying to increase an inner layer as well - so it's faster.

I'm really excited about these mittens and can hardly wait to release the pattern. I have another mitten pattern ready for testing now too, called Great Owl (testing complete Mar 2011).  The pattern is 80% the same, different charts and different stitch counts but the same mitten with the palm opening.

The sample mitts are being knitted that will be used in the photo shoot, mitt#1 is finished and it's mate is underway.  The yarn is Patons Decor 25% wool in Chocolate & Mandarin.  (chocolate goes with anything)