Friday, July 30, 2010

Leaf & Acorn Intoxication?

I've been playing with the leaf & acorn pattern again and came up with a toque!
Funny, I don't seem to get bored with this pattern, maybe because the lace pattern seems to 'move' and it isn't the same 4 or 5 row repeat that's memorized the first go round, then by the 10th your almost asleep (at least I am).

This is just a prototype and the only existing pattern consists of a bunch of scribblings and taped-together charts lol. I want to add some tweeks like a fold-up brim, but I'm pretty happy with the short-row shaping.

It's knit sideways too (a first for me) then grafted to join, although it could be just seamed if grafting isn't for you. I used smaller needles for this for a denser pattern, 4.5mm/7us as opposed to the 6mm/10us I used for the stole.
Speaking of the stole!....
The "Lush" lace stole pattern is now fully tested and available for sale on Ravelry now - yay! I was both thrilled and amazed when the "All Weights Lace" group announced they've chosen "Lush" for a knit-a-long to begin Sept 1!
My testers were the best and their finished stole pictures are up too. It's so fun to see the different yarns and colours they chose and they're all gorgeous!
They're in the process of linking their projects to the pattern page now. Here's a link to the pattern page and on the right hand side you'll see the box titled "About this pattern"... in there it will say x number of projects. Click on that to see their pictures.