Sunday, September 26, 2010

More Lacy Leaves - Wahoo!

I've been working on a new scarf pattern, which is all ready for testing now as soon as I get this prototype knitted up. I started it yesterday and I'm finished half of it already so it's knitting up quick. I spent most of yesterday writing up the pattern actually!

It's called 'Chele Leaf Lace scarf' and I named it after my good friend Michele. She really liked the leaf edging on the Lush Lace Stole and requested a scarf using that edging... so here you go Michele!

We all go through hard times in our varied lives, so this scarf is knitted in two pieces starting from either end, with brambles. There are 7 rows of brambles, and into and out of these brambles, life and growth still miraculously occurs. Large leaves overlap and grow up out from the brambles, while smaller leaves grow down into the brambles.

It's too bad my picture-taking can't show you how pretty this scarf really is... I want a hat and arm-warmers to match. They're only designed in my head so far - give me a few days though :)