Monday, November 28, 2011

Creamsicle Romney

Fun with koolaid dyeing :D

This is Fine Romney I got from Joybilee Farm, and I dyed it using koolaid. Did you know that tropical punch and cherry are actually the same colour? The cherry is just a little darker. Live and learn... I used tropical punch, cherry and orange for this.

I dyed the locks then blended by hand carding some of each along with white. After I made the rolags, I pulled the end of the rolag to draft each one out lengthwise to make bumps.

And here it is 2-plied, it's about a sport weight and 450.5 yds.

I think they want to be fingerless gloves...


  1. Great color and good job on the dying job. Very soft and yummy looking.

  2. fabulous! I have tried this method too and it was fun to have my kids involved .
    Yummy pictures!

  3. I just finished dyeing some dreadlocks that I crocheted for my Gdaughter, from White Buffalo yarn. I used cherry and tropical punch, the point being to try for watermelon pink. I will be signing up to be one of your followers, but my tech problems are not letting me at the time. PS In case you don't recognize me, I'm sproutsnknits from Ravelry.

  4. Thank you Nancy!
    And thank you Francine! That's great, it's something your kids will probably always remember. My kids remember us making messy play dough, I remember the mess lol!

  5. Sigrun! No, I recognized you right away!! :D I'm so glad you're here!

    You made pink dreadlocks for your GD? I love it!!! Will you post a pic on your blog? (pleeeease)

    I want to share a link I found with you and FRANCINE... it's KOOLAID FORMULAS FOR 135 COLORS
    It's amazing the work she put into this!